Can’t Win?

Threats Don’t Follow Rules.

Legacy threat discovery and incident investigation tools aren’t able to handle today’s sophisticated monitoring and response requirements. Lack of visibility and context across siloed systems with limited data sets hinder the timely discovery of threats and compromised users.


Change the Play

Not Black or White. Gray.

Niara blends diverse data sources, sophisticated analytics and forensics to discover compromised users, provide insight into malicious insiders, enable advanced threat hunting efforts, and efficiently prioritize alerts for rapid investigation. Combined, these capabilities boost the productivity of security teams and reduce organizational risk.


Fuse diverse data sources like packets, logs, alerts, and threat feeds to provide a deep and contextually relevant foundation for analytics


Use combined analytics and forensics against rich historical data to deliver comprehensive Entity360 threat profiles for users and devices

Open APIs

Plug into today’s security workflows with easy-to-use open APIs, significantly extending the value of existing investments