Detecting Whaling, Ransomware, and Other Email-based Attacks with UBA

On-Demand Webinar

Email remains the primary attack vector for many cybercriminals with whaling, ransomware, and other types of attacks making regular headlines. While perimeter defense and security monitoring systems can’t detect them, Niara’s multi-dimensional behavioral analytics can pick up on subtle clues to help security teams get ahead of these threats.

Over a two-month period, Niara worked with customers to analyze email traffic and identified a number of distinct email-based attacks hackers were using in an attempt to cause damage.

Watch this webinar on demand to learn:

  • How the 5 most recent attacks succeeded
  • What tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) were used
  • How Niara’s behavioral analytics enable rapid attack detection
  • What indicators of compromise (IoCs) you can use to protect your organization

Featured Speakers


Vinay Pidathala
Chief Security Researcher


John Dasher
Vice President of Marketing