Metadata, The New Security Super Power – featuring Gigamon and Niara

On-Demand Webinar

As enterprises battle to keep pace with online traffic growth by throttling up network speeds, they are losing the war on cybercrime. Why? Traditional cybersecurity solutions are limited by the types and volumes of data they can consume. However, to combat persistent cyber attacks, they must provide sophisticated capabilities, such as user behavior analytics (UBA), and process varied and high volume data to detect advanced attacks. 

Enter metadata, the new security superpower. When used in multi-dimensional behavioral analytics, merely anomalous behaviors are separated from the truly dangerous, enabling security teams to focus on the threats that matter. Watch this webinar on demand to  learn how to:

  • Separate signals from noise
  • Expand the reach of security tools
  • Enhance security with behavioral analytics
  • Speed time to attack detection
  • Improve overall security efficacy

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Karthik Krishnan
VP of Product Management


Jai Balasubramaniyan
Director pf Product Management