Boost Productivity

The Challenge

Security teams are drowning in data but thirsting for insight. Given huge alert volumes, how should an analyst prioritize investigations? And with data often spread across physical and contextual silos, where should the analyst begin? Niara provides those security insights to boost the productivity of security teams, enabling analysts of all experience levels to do things that they otherwise could not.

Enhance Frontline Skills

Niara makes it significantly easier for frontline analysts to do alert prioritization and incident response. Entity360 risk profiles paint a complete picture, displaying anomalies in the context of other activities. Interactive visualizations ensure the most important security issues are delivered front and center. Correlation of alerts to users and hosts and an evidence chain that extends all the way down to the packet level provides context on what an alert means. And entity-based risk scores that identify the top at-risk entities prove invaluable for prioritizing investigations.

Magnify Threat Hunting Skills

Niara magnifies the threat hunting skills of more experienced security team members, serving as a force multiplier per se. Machine learning-based analytics preprocess massive volumes of diverse data, automatically tagging all suspicious activities even those that do not rise to the level of an alert. Tagging (which provides a higher-level taxonomy), data fusion (which consolidates diverse data sources), and big data coupled with other technology innovations (which enable historical data retention for a much longer period than what’s possible with traditional monitoring solutions) are why Niara makes threat hunting easy for analysts. Starting with a single thread of evidence, analysts can use the new taxonomy to rapidly test different, complex hypotheses and answer the question “did it happen to me?”

Threat Hunting

Rapidly test hypotheses and hunt for threats within the organization, going back months if necessary

Financial Services Case Study

Comprehensive user- and device-level visibility with cost-effective incident investigations