Deployment Options

Flexible Deployment

Niara is available as an on-prem or cloud deployment. It can be deployed stand-alone or in conjunction with other solutions already in place within enterprises. Log data can be ingested directly from where it’s generated or from SIEMs. Packet and flow data can be processed natively (Tap/SPAN), or from packet brokers or packet recorders. And because Niara is built on a big data platform, it’s easy to increase the historical information retention window, well beyond what’s possible with traditional systems.

Extend Investments

Niara can be plugged into existing security workflows via  open APIs and embeddable UI widgets. Your existing infrastructure (e.g., network security tools, SIEM software) can be better leveraged, with Niara providing additional analytics, visibility, and incident investigation capabilities to enhance the output (e.g., alerts) from 3rd party or home grown systems.

Immediate Impact

Even though Niara has been engineered to work with diverse data, it can be deployed in a layered fashion, starting with just a few data sources. Through this “fast-start” approach and varied deployment options, the Niara solution quickly adds value to threat detection and incident response operations.

Niara solution brochure

Convergence of analytics with forensics makes advanced attack detection and incident response more efficient

Energy Company Case Study

Defending critical infrastructure against nation-state sponsored cyber attacks